Does your company offer location sessions at my office, home or anywhere else that I want?

We specialize in both location and studio headshots. We can do the session in our studio or at your office/home. If you prefer to shoot at a specific location, that can be arranged as well.


How far will you travel to take pictures?

We will travel all over the Bay Area. Extra travel costs will apply if location is more than 20 miles.


Do you do consultations:

If you would like to meet before a shoot or discuss the shoot process we would happy to meet with you in person at our studio or have a phone consultation.


What if I need to cancel or re-schedule?

We ask for a $175 deposit fee to officially reserve your date. We are happy to help you reschedule your photo shoot to a more convenient time, in the event that you can't make it to the date we have set.


How many photos will we do?

Depending upon the package you choose, we may shoot anywhere from 100 – 200 images. We can move quickly with digital photos and get a wide variety of shots.


How long will my photo session take?

Depending on the headshot package you choose, we may work from 1 to 2 hours. Add one hour to that if you’ll have hair and makeup done at the studio or on location.


When can I see my pictures?

You will review and receive your images on a CD one hour after the session.


Can I see my photos during the session?

Absolutely. First we’ll take a few shots at the beginning of the session and review them on a computer. Then we’ll talk about what angles, expression, clothing, and types of looks that are best for you. We’ll also review shots we’ve taken between individual looks. At the end of the session, we’ll see what we’ve got and delete any photos you don’t want.


Any advice on how to look my best for the photo session?

It’s important to be well-rested and avoid alcohol and tobacco the night before the session. Drink plenty of water because dehydration can affect the look of your skin. If you’re using our in-house stylist, come with a clean face, no make-up, and your hair as close as possible to the way you want it. Makeup and hair for women takes about an hour, for men it takes about 20-30 minutes. For men this usually means just a little base to cover blemishes and powder to cut down the shine. Women get the best results by using a stylist. You not only get a more polished appearance, but also another pair of eyes to guide you in achieving a variety of looks.


How should I dress for a photo session?

The number of different looks we will do depends on the headshot package you choose, but it’s always best to bring a variety of clothing so we can find out what works best. Some tips to keep in mind:


- Clothing should be simple and not detract from your eyes.

- Avoid wearing jewelry.

- Bring clothes you feel comfortable in and fit you well.

- Bring different necklines so we can choose the most flattering.

- Black is okay, but try to avoid white.

- Solid colors work better than patterns or prints.

- Colors darker than your skin tone tend to look best.

- Bring jeans or pants for 3/4 shots.

- We have a steamer, but it saves time if you avoid clothes that wrinkle easily.

- Have your hair cut and styled to your liking unless you are bringing a stylist or using our in-house stylist.


Do you use artificial or natural light?

For my headshot work we primarily use natural daylight.  If you are looking for a more dramatic image, with more shadows and mystery I would then use artificial lighting to create a look that is more intense and dramatic. We are well adept at lighting and can create any look you are going for.


Do you do b&w or color?

We can do either. We shoot in color, but if you want the final image to be in b&w we can do that for you as well.


Do I need a makeup and hair stylist?

You can arrive at the photo shoot camera-ready or bring a stylist. If you select our Professional Package,  we will provide an experienced in-house stylist for your makeup and hair.


Anything else I need for a photo session?

A relaxing environment is essential to a good photo session. Feel free to bring your own music anything that makes you feel comfortable and at ease.


Does your company do prints, and how much are they?

Yes, prints are between $25 to $50 per enlargement.


How much are retouched photos?

Retouched images are $20 per picture.


What format are the images shot in?

Images are shot digital, JPEG, and in color.


Do I get a CD with all my images?

Yes, you receive a disk with all full resolution images.


Does your company just do headshots?

No. We also do family, kids, school, and pet photography. Please log on to for more detail.



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